VOYP is your Virtual Voice

VOYP is your virtual voice right hand that settles on telephone decisions for your benefit so you don’t need to. It utilizes progressed simulated intelligence and normal language handling to naturally deal with calls.

Reserve café spot, request takeout, plan arrangements from there, the sky is the limit. Simply let VOYP know what you really want and it will settle on the decision for you. Supportive for openness. For those with discourse hindrances, social tension or different circumstances that settle on telephone decisions testing, VOYP gives freedom and accommodation.

  1. Handle client support and general requests. Have an inquiry yet lack the opportunity to call? Allow VOYP to call for you to get data, quotes, keep an eye on request status and resolve any issues.
    Normal, liquid discussions.  VOYP conducts calls utilizing normal language so beneficiaries believe they’re talking with a genuine individual.VOYP utilizes normal discussion to deal with approaches your benefit so you can zero in on the main thing to you.
  2. For some, VOYP gives an open answer for keeping up with autonomy and finishing things without the issue of calls. Download VOYP now and let your virtual voice collaborator settle on your telephone decisions so you don’t need to! Give the subtleties to your call and VOYP will talk for your sake to get you the data or help you want.

1. HD sound recorder with Respite highlight.
2. You can import any sound record from the telephone library for altering.
3. Support foundation recording, and backing notice controller
4. Add ambient sound, add sound channel eq. reverberation, eq, reverb.
5. Save your keep in Wav, AAC or MP3 design.

This is the first application of its sort. It gives a huge number of elements with the goal that you can make astonishing substance. Its likewise gives includes that empower the client to download their creations directly from the application and make incredible substance.

We believe our clients should zero in on their imagination and let us deal with the specialized difficulties that you would ordinarily confront. This is an all inclusive resource for strong yet basic, natural, and easy to use promoting content. You can produce human-like computer based intelligence voices for your manifestations and apply different sound upgrades like pitch, speed, and voice volume.

What’s more, do you need the equivalent application to do excellent Sound recording and editing?or Would you like to chime in with your main tune playing in a headset? or on the other hand you just need to alter a sound record from your telephone library and apply some cool and marvelous sound channel? Or on the other hand you are not intrigued by straightforward sound messages and need to make moment entertaining sound messages from your recorded sound note and offer them immediately? Or then again you could do without applications which are introduced on the grounds that you want to do sound consolidating and blending? Or on the other hand in some cases you get exhausted and simply need to record sound and afterward change it to seem like batman, martian or robot. or on the other hand change your voice to male – > female as well as the other way around.


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