GPS location through WhatsApp

Waloc – Reply automatically with your recent GPS location through WhatsApp on a specific WhatsApp message. This app can be used for lots of reasons:

  • Family locator – each family member can install the app, define a specific message that Waloc will reply automatically with the current location to that message through WhatsApp.
  • Phone locator – find your own device if it gets lost from any device (laptops, iphones, etc) that is using WhatsApp.
  • Car locator – if your car has a built-in android system you can install the app there, define a specific message and Waloc will reply with the recent location through WhatsApp whenever that message being sent

Waloc returns the location of the device for a specific WhatsApp message that you define and sends a location URL through WhatsApp that shows the device location on Google Maps. Returns location automatically on a specific WhatsApp message. Returns device battery level and/or network signal quality with the location (configurable). Battery friendly app – does not consume any battery power.

Q: I did all the steps but I don’t receive any location through WhatsApp , why?
A: We suggest you to check the following:
1. Since the message trigger is case sensitive make sure you send the exact same message to that device
2. The app reads the notifications of the device when it receives a message through WhatsApp – make sure the device is actually receiving WhatsApp notifications.
3. Make sure you enabled all the relevant app permissions such as storage and location. you can verify that by going into the app permission settings from your android settings screen.

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It’s so simple that you will be amazed. So why wait? Download  Locate what you need with Waloc – GPS Locator for Whatsapp

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